Thursday, May 25, 2017

Science - Brainpop
SS - Brainpop - collected latitute and longitude packet
ELA - FINAL EXAM TODAY! Cleaned out binders, etc.
Math - Movie

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Science-finish up any brain pop for both SS and Sci
SS- turn in Latitude and longitude packet
ELA- Final exam review , final exam tomorrow, last day to AR test is Friday
Math- Final Exam

Tuesday May 23, 2017

Science-see google classroom for assignments today
SS- latitude/longitude packet due Thursday
ELA- Final Exam study guide, Final exam Thursday!, Last day to AR test is Friday!
Math- Review game

Monday May 22, 2017

Science-Brainpop assignments- read about todays assignments in google classroom
ELA- review study guide, final exam on Thursday, Last day to AR test is Friday!
Math- review game

Friday, May 20, 2017

Science - none
SS - Exam
Reading - Library - all books due today; Read Epilogue of The Land
ELA - Passed back graded papers, If time, worked on character matching, ELA final next Thurs; Land test on Monday
Math - Wax Museum with the 4th grade, review for exam on Wed

Thursday, May 19, 2017

Science - Science Final Exam today
SS - SS Final Exam Friday - HW: STUDY!
ELA - Read "The Land" pages 335-365 - HW: ACES Response due tomorrow
Math - Math Review Packets
Reminders - MATH Final Exam next Wednesday 5/24, ELA Final Exam next Thursday 5/25, Last day to AR Test next Friday 5/26

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Science- Sci exam Thurs.
SS- SS exam Friday
ELA- read "The Land" pages 273-308, HW Finish "The Land" Family chapter pages 308-335
Math- Math Assessment

Tuesday May 16, 2017

Science- Study for exam on Thursday
SS- Study for exam on Friday
ELA- Word lader page 25, "The Land" pages 248-273, Brain teasers, HW: Read 20 min., "The Land" take home quiz due Tomorrow
Math- review game

Monday, May 15, 2017

Science/S.S - Working on Review for Science Exam for Thursday, May 19
ELA- Collected Word Ladder pages 23-24, Read "The Land" pages 220-248 HW: "The Bargain" Quiz due Wednesday, Read 20 minutes
Math- Exam Review

Wednesday May 10, 2017

Science- test
SS- turn in wkbk pages 201-216
ELA- Right To Read! "The Land" Pages 163-220
Math- Exam review packet

Tuesday May 9, 2017

Review for test over Ch. 20
SS- Wkbk pages 189-216 due Wed.
ELA- Word ladder page 23-24, read "The Land" Pages 146-163, HW:read 20minutes, "The Land" ACES response due Wed.
Math- 7th grade placement test

Monday, May 8, 2017

on Wednesday Science - Turn in Review worksheets, Complete Review for Tuesday, Review for test TEST on WEDNESDAY over CHAPTER 20
SS - Workbook pages, Read pages 189-200, Complete pages 201-214 (Due on Wednesday)
Reading - collected Wednesday's homework, library visit
ELA - Word Ladder page 23, Read "The Land" pages 129-146, "The Land" ACES Response due tomorrow, Last day to AR Test is Friday, May 26th
Math - Exam Review, 1st Inning packet
Other - Right to Read Afternoon this Wednesday! Field Trip this Thursday!

Friday May 5, 2017

Science - finish Frosty packet and turn in today; 2 review sheets due Mon; review vocab words for TEST on WEDNESDAY over CHAPTER 20
SS - none
Reading - collected Wednesday's homework, library visit
ELA - Read "The Land" pages 109-126
Math - worksheets: Mean, Median, Mode, Range; Station 1,2,3,4; Statistical Questions

Thursday May 4, 2017

Science - State Testing No HW
SS - OH State SS test No HW
ELA - State Testing HW: "The Land" - pages 94-109 ACES Response due Friday
Math - State Testing No HW
*Get your field trip and dance forms filled out and returned! *

Wednesday May 3, 2017

Science - turn in Zork Genetics
SS - Turn in 6 characteristics of civilizations, OH State SS test on Thursday
ELA - Checked Monday's hw, read "The Land" - pages 94-109 and do ACES due Friday; read 20 minutes for HW
Math - Moby Max, field trip, dance forms

Tuesday May 2, 2017

Science- Zork genetics ws- due Wed.
SS- Wkbk pages 192 and 6 categories of civilization- due Wed.
ELA- HW:"The Land" ACES response due tomorrow(pages 70-93), read 20 minutes
Math- State Test

Monday May 1st, 2017

Science- Punnet square practice
SS- read 189-199 and discuss
ELA- Word ladder page 22, read "The Land" pages 70-93, HW:Read 20 minutes, "The Land" ACES response due Wed.
Math- Test review, state test tomorrow
Testing- Math OST Tuesday, Social studies OST Thursday

Friday April 28, 2017

Science - Finish up Brainpop movie/quizzes
SS - turn in page 282-283; read page 285-289 in class
ELA - library; read "The Land - page 70
Math - Area of irregular shapes

Thursday April 27, 2017

Science - turn in ReadWorks hw; Brainpop movie and quizzes on Genetics and Heredity
SS - wkbook pages 278-283
ELA - Word ladder page 21-22; read "Then Land" pages 35-57 and do response; read 20 min
Math - area of triangle activity

Wednesday April 26, 2017

Science - turn in ws19/26; readworks ws for hw; allele activity in class
SS - none
ELA - ACES hw from MOnday collected for a completion grade; Reviewed ACES writing format; Read " the Land" pages 18-35 response to these pages; HW read 20 min
Math Map test

Tuesday April 25, 2017

Science- Read Ch. 20- section 2 and complete outline in class, BrainPop genetics movie and quiz, Heredity Movie and quiz, HW- 19/26
SS- turn in wkbk pages 264- 273, NO HW
ELA- MAP Testing, HW: read 20 minutes
Math- Test Review

Monday April 24, 2017

Science- Finish Miosis movie/quiz, asexual reproduction movie/quiz, read in class Ch. 20 section 2 and fill in outline
SS- Wkbk pages 264-273 for HW
ELA- started "The Land" class novel place "calendar in front of your binder and see me for book, read pages 3-17 out of "The Land", HW: "The Land" question response due tomorrow, read 20 mins
Math- Test Review

Friday April 21, 2017

Science-Turn in ws 18/25, BrainPop mitosis and asexual reproduction movies and quiz
SS- Wkbk pages 241-247
ELA- visited library, readworks "Underground Railroad" article and ACES response
Math- Test review packet

Thursday April 20, 2017

Science - ws 18/25 due Friday for block 1 and 2; due Thursday for block 3
SS - workbook pages 260-263 due today; read pages 234 - 237;, complete pages 238-239 for HW
ELA - Readworks "Reconstruction" Article and ACES response; Brainpop "Reconstruction " movie and quiz; Read 20 minutes
Math - Percent of a number notes

Wednesday April 19, 2017

Science- Finish reading in class Sec. 1 p. 590-597, complete notes ws section 1, HW: ws 18/25
SS- turn in wkbk pages 257-259, finish page 260 and turn in, HW: page 261-263
ELA- word ladder p. 19, BrainPop activity "Civil War Movie" and "Civil War Quiz"_need to complete on computer, Readworks packet on "The Civil War" due tomorrow
Math- fraction/decimal/percent notes/activities, HW: wkst activity

Tuesday April 18, 2017

Science- in science book, read pages 590-597 (section 1) and complete note taking ws.
SS- Read/ complete pages 257-259
ELA- word ladder page 19only, star test, brainpp watched slavery movie and completed slavery quiz is graded, HW: roadwork "slavery in the territories" packet due Wed.
Math- Fraction concept flip notes, Frac/Dec/Per vocab activity

Wednesday April 12, 2017

Science- none
SS- CAP test- turn in SS wkbk pages 253+255
ELA- finish SCOPE magazine, ACES response
Math- operations w/fractions practice packet

Tuesday April 11, 2017

Science- CAP test
SS- wkbk pages 253+255 Due Wed.
ELA- submitted word ladder p. 17&18, finished and submitted ACES task cards, read SCOPE "Diabetes Doesn't Run My Life" see me, ACES Question on SCOPE article, HW:Read and reading log due tomorrow
Math- operations with fractions worksheet(in class), review packet

Monday April 10, 2017

Science- Cap test reveiw
SS- Wkbook pages read 248-252, Complete pages 253-254- due Wed.
ELA- A.C.E.S notes, A.C.E.S task card activity, collected reading logs, HW read 20 minutes
Math-dividing fractions cut and paste activity, dividing mixed numbers notes, HW lesson 8 1-12 all

Wednesday April 5, 2017

Science- none
SS- review for CAP test
ELA- word ladder pg 17/18, Scope plays and questions(see me), IRT, HW:read/log due Friday
Math- took notes on dividing fractions, fraction word problems sort, word problems w/ fractions w/s, HW: lesson 6&7 w/s- evens only due Friday

Tuesday April 4, 2017


Monday April 3, 2017

Science-Reveiw for CAP test
SS- Review for CAP test, Turn in govt packet Tuesday
ELA- word ladder pg 17, final OST Preparations, OST tomorrow, HW read&log due Friday
Math- Finish Reveiw packet/go over, moby max, week 4 march madness log

Friday March 31, 2017

Science- CAP test review
SS- Govt packet due Tuesday
ELA-collected reading logs, word ladder pg 17, Library, OST online practice
Math-Packet in class not HW, turn in March Madness logs

Thursday March 30, 2017

Science- Review, turn in Energy packet
SS- Review- Battleship no hw
ELA- Test tip #5, OST Writing examples- see me, Checked over HW from Wed., HW: Read&Reading log due Friday
Math- Blocks 1&2"Order Up" cut&paste, Block 3 Task cards

Wednesday March 29, 2017

Science- Reveiw for CAP turn in density ws
SS- reveiw for CAP, Finish final four packet in class
ELA- discussed tip #4, read "Can your dog predict the future?" and questions, collected OST #2, HW read/log due Friday OST goal due Thur.
Math- multiplying fractions by whole #s/ fractions, Block 3:order ups, multiplying mixed #s lesson 4

Tuesday March 28, 2017

Science - edhelper ws on Density
SS - Reveiw for cap test: final four packet
Reading - discussed test tip #3; read and answered questions to SCOPE article "should you give up you summer vacation"; HW reading log due Friday; OST goal due Thursday and OST practice due Wednesday
Math 0 continue add and subtracting, Block 3 multiplying.

Monday March 27, 2017

Science- Review for CAP test
SS - None
Reading - word ladder page 15; Test tip #2, SCOPE article "Is it wrong to talk about the election" page 28-29 - see me; HW: reading log, OST practice test due Wed.
Math - adding and subtacting fractions notes, task cards - ICA Moby Max

Friday March 24, 2017

Science- none
SS- Test over Ch. 7
ELA- library, worked on pg 15 word ladder, completed the "two-wheel fun", practice test, collected 4 box response and log
Math- complete the two worksheets(the word problem sheet can be tricky

Thursday March 23, 2017

Science- none
SS- Test tomorrow
ELA- Discussed Test tip #1-(see anchor chart in my room), Read "How Pokemon Go Conquered the World"--please get a scope from back table&read article, answered pokemon go questions, HW 4 boxes&log due tomorrow
Math- Binder check due, equivalent fraction activity, Moby Max/Map to Khan

Wednesday March 22, 2017

Science-turn in states of matter
SS- study for test, turn in Ch. review
ELA- began word ladder p. 14, practice ohio state test, vocal match up, HW: Read&respond/log
Math- equivalent fractions notes, order up activityICA equivalent coloring activity,Binder check due tomorrow

Tuesday March 21, 2017

Science- watched phases of matter, worked on States of Matter packet(underline where you find answer in reading
SS- collected Far East packet, worked on chapter review (Ch 7 early China), Chapter 7 China study guide
ELA- word ladder pg 13 from yesterday, discussed the upcoming Ohio state test&MAP test, took the online OST practice(please see me during T.T to make up, HW:Read& respond/log
Math-Geoboard activity 1/2 1/4 1/8, what is wsht homework, Binder Check Thursday
AR- Last day to AR test is tomorrow!

Monday March 20, 2017

Science- Turn in ws
SS- Review Ch 7 section 3, review for test on Friday, Far East packet due Tues.
ELA- Word ladder pg 13, Finished Gallery Posters, Gallery walk, HW: Read&1Response Box Reading log due Friday
Math- Finish fraction Number lines, What is 1/2 on geoboards?, Binder check due Thursday/ Mathlog Friday
AR- Last day to AR test is Wednesday

Friday March 17, 2017

Science- rocks&soil video, fire rocks, stones of sand and changing rocks packet
SS- The Far East: China packet
ELA- library, reward, "The Crossover" AR Test (Please take on Monday), Gallery walk activity, HW read, collected response and HW logs
Math- Number sort, create Number lines packet, binder check due March 23rd

Thursday March 16, 2017

Science- turn in ED helper packet
SS- turn in ancient writings packet and ws 7-3
ELA- test study guide & review, gallery walk activity, the crossover test tomorrow, HW reading response and study
Math- Intervention time, fraction bar wksht, number line activity, vocab due March 17, Binder check March 23

Monday March 13, 2017

Sci - if snow: EdHelper packet due Thursday

SS - Turn in WS 7-2 and notes. IF SNOW - and Daoism packet due Thursday; ws 7-3 due Thursday
ELA- word ladder p. 11/12 due Wed., study guide for "The Crossover" - Last day for AR Monday 3/20/17
Math - Binder Check due March 23; Student Built Glossary/crossword due Friday
March Madnesss log due Friday

Friday March 10, 2017

Science - turn in vocab definitions, video on Genes
SS - Read ch 7 section 2, complete guided reading - due Mon
Reading - library, finished "The Crossover" pages 210-237, vocab for those pages, collectd readin gHW, "The Crossover" AR test on Wednesday
Math - Test today; Binder check March 23

Thursday March 9, 2017

Science - Vocab ch. 20 due Friday; Read chapter 20 and completed outline in class
SS - Read Chapter 7 Section 1 and complete worksheet 7-1 - due Friday
Reading - Work Ladder page 12; Read "The Crossover" pages 185 - 209 and vocab; Google Classroom Questions HW: read and complet last box
Math - test Friday, STUDY
Last day to AR test for 3rd qtr is Monday March 20th.

Wednesday March 8, 2017

Science vocab Ch. 20 - use your glossary from the book. Chromosome is on page 590 and genotype is on page 599
SS - Turn in vocab ch 7 definitions; read chapter 7 section 1 and complete guided reading
Reading - Turn in Word ladder pages 9/10; begin word ladder page 12; The crossover - read pages 157-184 and complete vocab/google question; HW: read and 1 response box
Math - solving proportions ws; study guide - test on Friday, tutoring on Thursday, binder check on March 23

Tuesday March 7, 2017

Science - none
SS - Write the vocab words and definitions to each of the Vocabulary Words in Chapter 7. Write the complete definition from the glossary of the text book. Turn in Asia WS

Monday March 6, 2017

Science - none
SS - Write the vocab words and definitions to each of the Vocabulary Words in Chapter 7. Write the complete definition from the glossary of the text book
ELA - Word Ladder page 10; Read The Crossover pages 114-134 and do vocab for those pages
Math - Task cards - ratios; LCM/GCM worksheet

Friday March 3, 2017

Science - test
SS - Asia worksheets (2) due Tuesday
ELA - Library, Read "The crossover" pages 89-113, vocab for pages 89-113; Figurative language quiz make-ups
Math - Map to Khan

Thursday March 2, 2017

Science - test on Friday, use your study guide to prepare
SS - none
ELA - The crossover pages 66-85; vocab words activity sheet
Math - graph ratio table sort; HW - worksheet tables/graphs

Wednesday March 1, 2017

Science - turn in Osmosis and Diffusion packet, test on Friday - see study guide
SS - test today
ELA - The Crossover pages 41-66; vocab words and definitions activity; Reading response questions
Math - lesson 5 Graph tarion tables pages 47-50 HW 1-7

Tuesday February 28, 2017

Science Test on Friday, Turn in Edhelper packet on Osmosis and Diffusion
SS - Test on Wednesday, review in class, turn inChapter 6 review
ELA - Word ladder page 9; Vocabulary for "The Crossover" page 21-40, read pages 21-40 and answer questions on google classroom; Read 20 min and complete 1 response box
Math -Ratio Table comparisons, ratio vocab activity; ratio table task cards, ratio/rates packet

Monday February 27, 2017

Science - Turn in packet pages 34-41; Osmosis and diffusion worksheets due Tuesday ; Test over cells, parts and microscope on Friday
SS Chapter review packet due Tuesday; Test on Wednesday
ELA - Vocab Word Ladder page 9; Read pages 3-20 in "The Crossover" book- vocab matching for pages 3-20; Google classroom response - Questions and poetry prompt, HW: reading response box and read!
Math - Ratio Table activities

Friday February 24, 2017

Science- Review over p. 34-41, Test next Friday March 3
SS- Chapter review- due Tuesday, study guide for test, Test on Wednesday March 1
ELA- Library, Figurative Language Quiz, Submitted Essay Today! No HW!
MATH- Quiz-Review, Ratio Table wkst

Thursday February 23, 2017

Science- Continue in cell chapter pages 37-41, Test Thur. March 2
SS- Go over outline (6-3), collect wkst Guided Reading 6-3, Test on Wednesday March 1
ELA- IRT, Hyperbole notes and activity, peer review of rough draft, HW: read 20 minutes and complete 3rd box on reading response,study for figurative language quiz tomorrow
Math-journal-symplify fractions, lesson 4 equivalent fractions pgs 39-42, ICA equivalent ratios, HW pgs 43-44 1-10

Wednesday February 22, 2017

Science- Brainpop activity
SS- Ch 6 Sec 3 outline Guided Reading wkst HW
ELA- Independent Reading , Alliteration notes-see my notes, Alliteration activity- see me for directions, Peer review of rough draft, HW: read 20 minutes complete 1 response box, figurative language quiz Friday
Math- Ratio packet, ratio scavenger hunt, lets make a deal

Tuesday February 21, 2017

Science- read pages 34-41 and answer questions for HW, activity in class
SS- Hinduism movie
ELA- IRT 45 minutes, onomatopoeia notes & activity, 1 box on response sheet for HW work on word ladder
Math- Ratios packet,Ratios scavenger hunt, lets make a deal

Friday February 17, 2017

ELA- Collected HW, peer revising and editing rough drafts
Math- Quiz ,No HW, map to khan MobyMax

Thursday February 16, 2017

SS- Asian capital city map and matching ws 6-2
ELA- IRT, Personification notes and activity, finished rough draft, mobymax, HW: Read & complete 4th box n reading response
Math- Speedy animals quiz tomorrow-study
AR- 50% of goal by tomorrow

Wednesday February 15, 2017

Science- Pop quiz(on cells)
SS- Read 202-208 complete ws
ELA- IRT, Metaphor notes and activity, Expository essay rough draft- due at end of class tomorrow, HW: read 20 min.
Math- Valentines unit rates, speedy animals
AR- 50% to goal by Friday

Tuesday February 14, 2017

Science- Brainpop ws and quizzes due today
SS- physical and political map due Wed.
ELA- Independent Reading & Check HW, Similes Notes & activity see me for notes, Expository Rough Draft, HW: Read & Complete 1 box
Math- vocab sort, unit rate notes, HW lesson 3 wksht
Other- AR 50% of goal by Friday

Monday February 13, 2017

Science-Cell model due today, brainpop assignments due Tue.
SS- ws 6-1 due today Asia physical and political map due Wed.
ELA- figurate language notes-see me for notes, expository essay rough draft, HW:read and respond to 1 box
Math-GCF/LCM warm up, ratios activity, lesson 2 homework practice
Other- 50% of AR Goal by this Friday

Friday February 10, 2017

Science- cell project due Monday
SS- continue assignments from Wednesday, Asia packet due Wednesday 2/15
ELA- Library, rough drafts in computer lab, No HW!
Math- Ratio type sort, Ratio Rich task
other- 50% of AR goal by Next Friday 2/17

Wednesday February 8, 2017

Science- Brainpop activities - DUE FRIDAY-check your assignments, Check in your email and in Google classroom for the specifics; see Mrs. Kluge for the ws for the brainpop activities; cell model due Monday
SS- Complete Reading section 1 (Ch. 6) and fill in outline; complete ws 6-1 DUE FRIDAY- see Mrs. Kluge for the ws.
ELA- Independent Reading Time, Poetry Activity, Rough Drafts in Notebook, HW: read/complete one box reading response
Math- Workbook pages 21-24 Homework pg 25-26 #s 11-19, Simplify Fractions worksheet

Tuesday February 7, 2017

Science- Finish Reading+answering questions on pages 23-29 due Wed.
SS-Finish Reading ch. 6 lesson 1 and completed outline in class
ELA- Poetry pre-test, began our rough draft
Math- workbook lesson 2 pages 19-22/ inquiry lab HW pg 23 and 24 #1-10

Monday February 6, 2017

Science-Read science packet p. 23-29 and complete all questions, Cell Model due Mon. Feb. 13th
SS-Turn in India Map, Guided reading ch 6 sec 1 in class
ELA-Independent reading time, Intro to poetry- please complete pre-test, finished pre-writing, HW: read 20 min.Complete one box on reading response sheet
Math- GCF/LCM - match sort,GCF/LCM worksheet/HW request to retest by Friday

Friday February 3, 2017

Science - Cell model rubric and explanation - due Monday Feb 13 - no late work accepted. May bring in before. (No food or perishable items may be brought in on Feb. 10)
SS - Map of India- due Mon. use atlas and textbook; guided reading page 194-201 - due Tuesday
ELA - Library, completed "Gallery Walk Feedback" activity - please see Ms. Leber
Math - workbook pages 7-10; hw pages 11-12 #1-12; factors/ multiples vocab sheet

Thursday February 2, 2017

Science- Drawing cell diagrams Vocab. definitions due today
SS- none
ELA- IRT, Gallery walk group activity-see me for your group, finished 11 box pre-writing, started rough draft HW: Read 20 mins.
Math- Factors and Multiples Activities due tomorrow

Wednesday February 1, 2017

Science- write Vocab. definitions for the parts of the cells
SS- Test over chapter 3
ELA- finished Reading is Thinking Activity HW: Read 20 mins.
Math- Moby Max placement test

Tuesday January 31, 2017

SS-test on Wed. over ch. 3
ELA-Continued Reading is Thinking activity, Finished 11 box pre-writing on Google, HW: vocab. wkst due tomorrow, read 20 mins.
Math- Ch. 1 vocab, test interventions, RIT- Map to Khan, -one-on-one conversations,
Test Request by Feb. 10th

Monday January 30, 2017

Science- none
SS-Reveiw packet due Monday test on WEDNESDAY (Changed from Tuesday)
Reading-Read, vocabulary due Wednesday
ELA- Independent reading time, Read "The amazing powers of Jen Bricker" in Scope, Began "Reading is Thinking" activity, 11 Box prewriting
Math-Ratio/Rate pre-test- connected account, map to Khan/Google site

Wednesday January 25, 2017

Science - Read pages 19-22 and answer questions as you read
SS - Review Ch - 3 section 3 in class Hw - worksheet - test Tuesday
ELA - Watched Into the world of Jen Bricker - completed movie questions Began 11 box prewriting collected HW
Math - Test review Test tomorrow

Tuesday January 24, 2017

Science - (In sci packet) Read PG 17 - 18 +Complete Questions as you Read.
SS - Continue Reviewing on ch. 3 sec. 2 ans 3 in class. test Tue. Jan 31
ELA - Finished Stations Today Turn In Pronoun case wkst and find text evidence wkst finish your pre writing web
HW: multiple accounts west due tomorrow
Math - Multiplying Dividing Decimals match review Division
Test Thursday Tutoring Wednesday

Monday January 23, 2017

Science - Discussion About cells/Movie about cells NO HOMEWORK!!!
SS - Review Ch 3 sec 2 NO HOMEWORK!!!!
ELA - Test over Ch. 3 on Tues Jan. 31 Star Test AR Meetings HW: Multiple Activity due Wednesday
Math - Dividing Decimals notes Division WKST - HW Unit Test Thursday

Friday January 20, 2017

Science - microscope lab; Finish Brainpop activities, Complete Edcite assignments and brainpop microscope quiz
SS - turn in ws 3-3
Reading - Library; Station rotations 3 and 4
Math - Quiz

Thursday January 19, 2017

Science Microscope LAB ; Brinpop Cells Activities see your Brainpop Assignments
SS - Complete Reading ch3 section 3 complete both sides
ELA - Station Rotations 2 stations completed today HW : Read 20 minutes
Math - Multiplying Decimals Worksheets study for TEST TOMORROW
Other - Lunch Bunch Book Club Meeting Next Wednesday!!!

Wednesday January 18, 2017

Science - Microscope activity in class; complete Brainpop activities from Tuesday
SS - turn in vocab definitions, read chapter 3 section 3 and complete worksheet
ELA - pronoun kahoot, read page 29 "Could you be the next Garrett Morgan?" Begin prewiritng - hw: read and vocab ws
Math - Binder organization; add/subtract match, connect four Block 2: add/subtact notes, scoot, ws Quiz Friday

Tuesday January 17, 2016

Science - Turn in Microscope Packet Brainpop 1.Watch microscope movie 2. Do Microscope Activity 3. Virtual Lab
SS - Vocab definitions due wed.
ELA - Pronoun case Notes Vocab words For "The Fire Breather" Began Pre-writing For Expository Essay HW:Read, Vocab west due Thursday
Math - See Mrs. Blankenship Block 1 Complete lesson HW
Block 2 Complete Decimal wkst

Friday January 13, 2017

Science - Microscope packet due Tuesday
SS - Turn in WS 3-2 and spread of Christianity ws
ELA - Friday the 13th Packet Last Day For AR Is TUESDAY!
Math - Map test, binder Check, Missing Assignments

Thursday January 12 ,2017

Science - Finish microscope Lab "Letter E" and turn in microscope Packet due Tuesday
SS - Finish CH 3 Section 2 and ws 3 - 2 due Friday Israel Map due Friday(Pg 45 - 46)
ELA - Read " Organization of Cells" Answered Question 1-8 Completed Prounous wkst (Front & Back)
Math - MAP TEST Binder check due Tuesday January 17th

Wednesday January 11, 2017

Science - turn in sci packet pages 1-15 and science lab safety ws
SS - turn in Israel map ws pages 42-44. Pages 45-46 due Friday, review chapter 3 section 1 and read chapter 3 section 2.
ELA Map testing; main idea ws due Thursday; Friday is the last day to test for AR
Math - Review decimal concepts, I have Who has, Mix N Mingle

Tuesday January 10, 2017


Monday January 9, 2017

Science - coplete Page 15 in packet, Study the lab picture and complete both sides, microscope lab in class
SS - page 44 in Israel packet
ELA - Kahoot pre-test - please see Miss. Leber if you were absent; began explanatory writing task; block 2 only read "organization of cells"; HW: read main idea ws due Wednesday
Math - Long division packets, decimal review notes/review packet; binder check du 1/17; request to retest by 1/13/17

Friday January 6, 2017

Science - Read pages 13-14 in the cell packet and answer all questions on page 13-14
SS - Ancient Israel map and worksheet - page 43 only
ELA - SCOOT Pronouns and Antecedents, Last day for AR is next Friday
Math - Long division packet; last day to retest is Jan 13th; binder check Jan 17

Thursday January 5, 2017

Science - begin unit on cells - packet pages 8 - 10 in class
ELA - scoot Pronouns activity close reading day 3 and questions IRT Homework 20min. of reading last day to test is Friday January 13th
Math - division notes long division wkst

Wednesday January 4, 2017

Science -Finished movie, collected health books and health packet, passed out cell unit packet - see Mrs. Kluge
SS - none
ELA - Pronoun Brainpop video; close reading text and questions, IRT...Last day to AR test is Jan. 13, 2017
Math - Edcite - decimal work.

Tuesday January 3, 2017

Science - watched osmosis tones

SS - none
ELA - Pronouns and Antecedents Intro close Reading activity
Math - Vocab and division activities

Monday December 19, 2016

Science - Movie on body systems Collected Body System Packets
ELA - Christmas Figurative Language Activities
Math - Review Game Test Tuesday

Thursday December 15, 2016

Science - NONE
Math - Solving equation TEST TUESDAY STUDY!!!!!!!!

Monday December 12,2016

Science - Read ch 7 section 1 complete pages 9,11,12,14
SS - Read ch 3 section 1 , complete ws 3-1
ELA - Ch 11 and 12 question on google classroom Need to complete Read ch 13 and 14 LWW point of view wkst due wed. 12/14
Math - Writing equations activities

Friday December 9, 2016

Science - Intro to body systems - see Mrs. Kluge for packet
SS - Hittite and Fertile Crescent packet due today
ELA - visited the library, ready ch 12 of LWW; Submitted final copy of essay on Google Classroom
Math - Steps to writing equations foldable; writing equations worksheets

Thursday December 8, 2016

Science - See Google Classroom assignment
SS - See Google Classroom assignment;
Hittite and Fertile Crescent packet due Friday
ELA - Finished typingour Final Copy in Google Classroom
Math - Writing Equations notes/exit slip; Expressions packet due

Wednesday December 7, 2016

Science - none
SS - test over chapter 2; Hittite and Fertile Crescent packet due Friday

Tuesday December 6, 2016

Science - Test over Ch9. TODAY
SS - test over CH. 2 on Wednesday Fertile Crescent and hittite ws due Friday
ELA - Finished our rough drafts added transition phrase HW read 20 min. ch 1-7 home quiz due tomorrow
Math - Expressions Packet Test Next Week

Monday December 5, 2016

Science - test tomorrow
SS - Test wensday
ELA - Read ch 9/10 take quiz due Wednesday
Math - cube problem pool problem

Friday December 2, 2016

Science - Finish Review Sheet - Test Tuesday
SS - Finish Map packet and Hittite/Egypt packet - both due Tuesday; Test Wednesday
ELA - Ready Chapter 7 and 8 of LWW
MAth - Dot problem, Moby Max

Thursday December 1, 2016

Science - Turn in crossword HW Review sheet for ch. 9 TEST tues.
SS - Turn in ws 2-4 Test Wednesday
ELA - Worked on our Body Paragraph of our Rough Drafts Read CH. 5 and 6 of LWW HW: CH 5 and 6 questions
Math - Distributive Property W/ expressions all about exertion matching practice

Wednesday November 30, 2016

Science - none
SS - Read ch 2 sec 3 - filled in the ws in class and completed for HW
ELA - Completed the introduction to our essay Read CH 1 + 2 of LWW HW:complete CH 1+2 LWW questions
Math - equations VS Expressions Expressions walk about expressions math - HW: If not finished in class

Monday November 21, 2016

science - ws page 19/22 - due Tuesday
SS - read " The Prince who knew his fate" and complete ws; turn in ws page 57 completed
ELA - Worked on Thanksgiving dinner project; read 20 minutes
Math - worked on Thanksgiving dinner project

Thursday November 17, 2016

Science - Rock Cycle Journey activity in class; Make sure BrainPop Types of Rocks assignments are done - last day to complete
SS - Read Chapter 2 section 2 and complete ws - both sides; Make sure Brainpop Egyptian Pharoahs assignments are done.
ELA - Edit our Theme HW from yesterday completed #1-4 of our essay kit packet HW Read 20 min
Math - Quiz Review Quiz Tomorrow

Wednesday November 16, 2016

Science - turn in ws and complete Brainpop on Types of Rocks
SS - review chapter 2 section 1, read and fillin ws for Section 2-2
ELA - Please see me - HW read 20 minutes; collected theme hw sheet
Math - combining like terms activities; sort, worksheet, task cards

Tuesday November 15, 2016

Science - none
SS - Dare with officer Mich
ELA - Read "should You Clone Your Pet?" Underlined main arguments - Please See Me! HW - Read 20 min. Theme west due tomorrow
Math - Combining like terms activity notes No HW.

Monday November 14, 2016

Science - Read and complete in class ch. 9 section 3 note taking worksheet. Home work ws- pg 21,28 and 29 due wed. complete brain pop and edcide assignments due wed.
SS - None
ELA - HW: Read 20 min. Theme west due wed 11/16 In class Finished "The Mighty" and collected worksheet
Math - Finish posters compare inequalities venn diagrams vocab. Foldable

Thursday November 10, 2016

Science - Edcite and Brainpop Assigments
SS - none
ELA - Watching "The Mighty"
Math - Inequality Activity Posters

Wednesday November 9, 2016

Science - went over Mineral ID Activity Went over ch 9 sec 2 notes in class
SS -none
ELA - "Freak the Mighty" AR Test During class
Math - Inverse Operations notes HW: Worksheet

Tuesday November 8, 2016

Science - Finished mineral ID activity Finish note taking ws (section 2)
SS - Turn in wktk Worked on brain pop Egyptian pharaoh activities
ELA - Reviewed for "Freak the Mighty" AR Test tomorrow (Answer Key attached started Figurative Language worksheet
Math - Inequaality match w/ partner No HW
Other - Veterans Day Assembly Tomorrow DRESS APPROPRIATELY

Monday November 7, 2016

Science - Dare
SS - Wkbk pages 173-188 due Tuesday
ELA - HW:Study guide due Tuesday "Freak the Mighty" test on wed. IN class figurative language review Read CH 23-25 of "Freak the mighty" answered questions 1-2 on wkst
Math - Graphing inequalities notes homework worksheet

Thursday November 3, 2016

Science - Mineral Dichotomous activity in class
SS - workbook pages 173-188 due Tuesday
ELA - STAR test; read ch 21-22
Math -DARE; writing inequalities - due Monday

Wednesday November 2, 2016

Science - Mineral Dichotomous key activity in class
SS - workbook pages 173-188 in class. Will be due by Tuesday
ELA - read 20 minutes; movie release due tomorrow; in class - read chapter 19-20 and added to our plot diagram; collected hw
Math - identifying operations , writing inequalities

Tuesday November 1, 2016

Science - read p 265-271 in science book - completed Note Taking ws for ch 9 lesson 2 in class
SS - Turn in ws 2-1 worked on ch 8 in SS work book
ELA - HW: Read, inference wkst due wed, Movie release form due Thurs.
Read ch 17-18 questions
Math - Inequality sort

Monday October 31, 2016

Science - Turn in ws 20/27 - Bill Nye video
SS - Turn in physical features ws Read ch. 2 section 1 and complete ws 2-1
ELA - HW: Read 20 min. Inference wkst due Wednesday Movie release due thurs Read ch 15 and 16 of "Freak the Mighty" answer question #1
Math - Keyword operation sort inequality No HW

Friday October 28, 2016

Science - finish lab work in class - Edcite, BrainPop, Silly Science; HW- DUE Mon ws 20/27
SS - Movie on Egypt; Physical feature ws DUE Mon
ELA - Summary of Ch 7-14 - see Miss Leber for summary; visited the library
Math - DARE

Thursday October 27, 2016

Science - continue with lab activities - Edcite, BrainPop, Silly Science
SS - turn in Political features ws; Physical Features due on Mon.

ELA - Read ch 13-14; worked on plot program; HW - read 20 minutes
Math - reward day; HW vocabulary due Monday

Wednesday October 26, 2016

Science - classy creatures and Silly science in class, Brain Pop and Edcite activities in class. Will work again tomorrow on these assignments
SS - Political Features ws due Thursday - #15 down is Zaire; #4 down is Ivory Coast
ELA - Read ch 11-12; answer ch 11-12 questions; Finished written Wednesday - please see Miss Leber; HW take home quiz due Thursday; Read 20 min.
Math - Biner organization; unit 2 vocab: flash cards activity due Monday Oct 31

Tuesday October 25, 2016

Science - ch 9 sec 1 notes in class
SS - political features puzzle due thu
ELA - HW: Read 20 min. Complete Ch 1-10vTake home Quiz - Due Thursday in class we read ch 9-10
Math - binder Check

Monday October 24, 2016

Science - none
SS - Finished and turned in Tic Tac Toe project
ELA - Prefix worksheet page 1 - see me! Read "Freak the Mighty" Chapters 7-8 Answered Ch 7-8 questions HW: Read 20 min.
Math - Review Game - Test Tomorrow Binder Check DUE TOMORROW!

Friday October 21, 2016

Science - read part of chapter 9 section 1 and filled in note taking worksheet. No hw
Social Studies - Tic Tac Toe - due on Monday.
ELA - Visited the library Summarized CH 1-6 of "Freak"on P.17 of our notebooks
Math - Review / study Guide Test Tuesday/ binder check Tuesday Tutoring Monday!!

Thursday October 20, 2016

Science -Read in class ch.9 Section 1 - filled in ws - nota taking section 1 in class
SS - Work on Tic Tac Toe project Due Monday
ELA - Read CH.5 and 6 of "Freak the Mighty" Discussed plot of "Freak"
Math - Work on Extra practice w/ prime Factorization / order of operation test Tuesday / Binder check tuesday

Wednesday October 19, 2016

Science - none
SS - Turn in map, Tic Tac Toe due Monday -See me
ELA - Read chapters 3 and 4 answer 3 questions on chapters 3 and 4 HW: read 20 min
Math - Prime Factorization Foot loose PEMDAS Notes / HW:Test Tuesday! Brindercheck Tuesday.

Tuesday October 18, 2016

Science and SS- turn in vocab hw for both Science and SS; finished edcite and brainpop activities; Africa map for homeword - due Wednesday
ELA - Read ch 1 and 2 of Freak the Mighty. Answered 3 questions on ws; completed page 1 of "roots" ws
Math - Prime factorization notes/hw; Test Tuesday; Binder check Tuesday

Monday October 17, 2016

Science - Log in to Brainpop and created account - see me
SS -Edcite - 2 assignments
ELA - intor to roots and affixes; illustrated Freak the Might cover page (ws and made predictions)
Math - exponents notes/ homework. Test on 10/25/16

Thursday October 13, 2016

Science - test. Ch 9 vocab definintions due on Monday
SS - chapter 2 vocab definitions due Tues
ELA - finished context clues task cards - completed TBE activity. Please see Miss Leber
Math - DARE

Wednesday October 12, 2016

Science - Test Thu.
SS - Test today
ELA - HW: Read 20 min. Finished "The Cobra" west (block 2 and 3) Block 1- > completed notes on Text Forms
Math - Prime / composite charts

Tuesday October 11, 2016

Science - test on Thursday, study the review sheet and any worksheets from the chapter, vocab words, etc.
SS - test on Wednesday - study the review sheet and any worksheets from the chapter, vocab words, etc.
ELA - HW- Read 20 min. Discussed Text Based evidence
Math - Prime / Composite sort / notes color pages

Monday October 10, 2016

Science - Review for science test on Thursday
SS - Review for SS test on Wed
ELA - AR Books Scope - pp 12 - 17 DARE
Math - Distance on the Cordinate plane notes homework if not finished in class

Thursday October 5, 2016

Science - Complete pg. 30/23 ws in sci packet
SS - Read section 1-3, complete ws for HW
ELA - HW: Read 20min. Notes on Different Genres
Math - Graphing/Coordinate Plane Activity Battle ship

Wednesday October 5, 2016

Science - DARE and work on sic packet -not HW
SS - Turn in physical Feature ws
ELA - NO HW! Completed notes in class - please see me
Math - Graphing / coordinate planes activity Battle Ship NO HW!

Friday September 30, 2016

Science - Finished note taking ws - get notes from a friend or teacher. no hw
SS - collected hw, begin working in class on Physical feature ws - not homework
ELA - Scope magazine article and questions. Read pages 24-27
Math - divisiblility rules tasks/games packet

Thursday September 29, 2016

Science turn in HW; continue note taking ws in class for section 2
SS - Continue Reading in class Ch. 1 sec 2 and fill in guided reading. Get notes from a friend or teacher. HW back of sheet
ELA - Notes in notebook - see me discussed context clues Read 20 min
Math - Finish up w/ the game of life. Divisibility Rules Task / wk sheet

Wednesday September 28, 2016

Science - Discuss note taking sheet for Section 1; hw ws 22/29
SS - Turn in map activity; read in class ch 1 sec 2
ELA - read 20 min, 4 vocab words from yesterday; complete homonyms, homographs, homophones sheet
Math - the Game of Life Activity - no hw.

Tuesday September 27, 2016

Science - in class, complete the vocab matching worksheet, then continue reading chapter 1 and answer questions on the note taking worksheet. Not homework

SS - political feature ws - use your map on page R18-R19
ELA - read 20 min and 4 vocab words due by Thursday. completed notes on figurative language and tone and mood. See my notes in class.
Math - Divisibility rules activity and notes; hw

Friday September 23, 2016

Science - IN CLASS - read chapter 1 and answer questions on the note taking worksheet. Not homework
SS - turn in homework, movie on ancient Mesopotamia
ELA - library visit, created edcite account. Began scope "is anything wrong with this Picture?"
Math - complete math sort and worked on mobymax

Thursday September 22, 2016

Science - Turn in lab report
SS - Turn in HW (Two Rivers Complete WS (pg19 -20), complete worksheet 19/28
ELA - Figurative language nots on p.9 Homophone Activity. HW - Read 20 min
Math - Multiplying /Dividing Integers Notes Homework - worksheet

Wednesday September 21, 2016

Science - Write 3 observations from the pop and mentos experiment data in the "Results/Data" section of your packet; complete the back page of packet for homework.

SS - Turn in Constitution Day packet; go over guided reading 1-1 in class; read Two rivers and answer questions for homework.
ELA - Read for 20 min; completed notes on using context clues and a homograph activity; please see me for notes and activity
Math - quiz; Moby Max assessment

Tuesday September 20, 2016

Science - Experiment
SS - None
ELA - Notes on Commonly confused words. Finished character Traits HW - Read 20 min.
Math - Operations with integers puzzle. QUIZ Tomorrow - opposites, Absolute Value, Vocab, operations with integers Study

Monday September 19, 2016

Science - Fill in worksheet to prepare for experiment get notes from teacher or a friend when you return.
SS - Complete Dare workbook pg. 31 (top) worked on Constitution Day packet
ELA - Character Traits notes - see my notebook during TT. Scoot activity see me to complete for a grade
Math - Adding/Subtracting Integers
Rewriting Subtraction mto addition task cards in class with partners Quiz Wednesday - Operations with Integers

Friday September 16, 2016

Science - Finish outline for sci. method
SS - Constitution Day packet
ELA - Finished "From Terror to Hope" and questions
Math - Pos/Neg War
Operations with Integers Notes
Subtracting Integers homework
Thursday September 15, 2016
Science - Outline in class about scientific method
Discussed pop / mentos experiments
SS - Worked with a partner on ws 1-1
Turn in ss vocab definitions
ELA - Finished summary and began character traits notes
Math - Explore operations with integers made rules for adding integers Homework adding integers worksheet

Wednesday September 14, 2016

Science - discussed science experiment and filled in outline in class
SS - vocab words and definitions due on Thursday
ELA - finished summarizing notes - Vocab HW collected
Math - pos/neg sort #2; Absolute value/opposites review

Tuesday September 13, 2016

Science - Began science Outline in class
SS - Began Read text pages 8-14 work on guided reading ws
ELA - Began discussing Summarizing
-HW : 4 vocab words due tomorrow and read 20 min
Math - Problem solving measures no homework

Monday September 12, 2016

Science - Turn in sci. method HW Movie on sci. method; Voted on experiment idea
SS - Turn in map watched a video about 9/11 KWL chart
ELA - Completed notes on theme HW:4 vocab. words worksheet and read 20 min.
Math - Review Integers absolute notes Homework pg 359 1-16

Friday September 7, 2016

Science - Complete The sci method Reading and ws; ch. 1 sec 3 and 4 vocab due Tues
SS - Complete map activity
ELA - Library Day Read "From Terror to Hope" and answer questions - see me for magazine
Math - Map Test Homework due Monday Vocab due Monday

Thursday September 7, 2016

Science - turn in what's the method talk about possible experiments Vocab due tomorrow
SS - complete back of ws evaluate the map from Wednesday.
ELA - Finished Inference notes
- see me during TT to finish
- Verbs Review
Math - integers assessment Number line activity Pos/neg sort #1 lesson 1 homework Map test tomorrow

Wednesday September 6, 2016

Science - sci. method ws (what's the method) Turn in vocab.
SS - evaluate the map p. 5
ELA - Making inferences notes and AR meetings
Math - Vocab flashcards and crossword due Monday pos/neg pre-assessment / sort

Tuesday September 6, 2016

Science - Introduction to the scientific method write vocab words and definition for ch.1 section for homework Must use glossary from science book
SS - None
ELA - MAP Reading Test and AR Meetings
Math - SMP Handbook and organizer SMP review mp19 for Homework

Friday September 2, 2016

Science - Learn how to log on to 6th grade wiki and portaportal
SS - turn in workbooks for grade
ELA - STAR Test; verb review
Math - SMP's 3-6 No homework

Thursday September 1, 2016

Science - none
SS - CAP test; workbook pages 23-32 for homework
ELA -Adjectives Review; Making inferences notes
Math - Journals - student expectations; MP3/4 in class MP5 for homework 1-3

Wednesday August 31, 2016

Science - CAP Test
SS - workbook pages 23-32
ELA - Pronoun Review, notes on citing - see Miss Leber for notes
Math - Dice Game - Noticing math; SMP's handbook